15 Things You Don't Know About Animals
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15 Things You Don't Know About Animals

You think you know everything about animals? Here are some interesting facts about which most likely do not know. Dolphins sleep with one eye open? Penguins can jump to a height of 2 meters? Giraffes can sleep only half an hour a day? Leech has 32 brains? A mole can dig a 80-meter long tunnel in one night? An octopus has three hearts and night brains.?


1) Hummingbirds cannot walk. They can only fly. Do you see what has small feet? It can only sit on them

dolphin with locator

2) Dolphins sleep with one eye open, that let them to be all time ready for deanger. They sleep about 1/3 of a day, but some dolphins do not sleep during the first month of life. By the way, dolphins use echolocation to move (such as bats, or even people)

Polar Bear

3) Polar bears are left-handed. The researchers looked at the bears often use the left than the right foot.

Reticulated Giraffe

4) Giraffes can sleep only half an hour a day (usually about 3-4). It sleeps lying down, curled up and with its head resting on the rump or hind leg.


5) Penguins can jump to a height of 2 meters. As for me, it is interesting, how they did not freeze foot?

Border Collie

6) Your dog may have one of the 13 blood groups.  In humans, it is only 4 (A, B, AB, 0).

Gorilla in water

7) Gorillas cannot swim, but how you can see they are not afraid of it.


8) Cockroaches can have even seven hearts. Thats why it is so difficult to kill them!

Mother and Child Camel

9) Camels are born without humps. They come with time.



10) A mole can dig a 80-meter long tunnel in one night.


11) An octopus has three hearts and night brains. One brain controls one tentacle and one majorThe octopus after the birth is the size of fleas.


12) Leech has 32 brains. Many people loathe them ise, but remember that they have a wide application in natural medicine!


13) To protect the owl eyes have three eyelids: the lower, upper, and the so-called haw. Haw haw it differently, having the appearance of transparent film. The upper eyelid is used when the owl blinks, the bottom - whensleeping. All three eyelids protect the eye from injury and removes impurities from it.


14) Chameleons can move their eyes independentlyThe photograph above shows that each eye looks at other point. I think we all know that can change the color so as to adapt to the environment.

Black sheep

15) Sheep can recognize faces of other sheep, just as they do men. They are more intelligent than we thought! (Information source)

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Very interesting, informative, and well-written share. Nice images, too.

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Interesting article with beautiful pictures. Carry on. In your support.

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