Amazingly Weird and Interesting Facts About Animals
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Amazingly Weird and Interesting Facts About Animals

Many animals are peculiar and unique in appearance. Hundreds possess incredibly extraordinary traits. Countless are gifted with unique abilities while numerous animals display the weirdest and most unpredictable behaviors. If you are in search for more amazingly weird things about the million species of animals in the world …here they are.

A list of some of the most amazingly peculiar and unusual animal facts.

1. Beavers are not just excellent dam builders their fur are highly valued for their durability and softness. In addition, certain glands of the animal produce “castoreum” which is used in making perfume.

Image Source

2. One of the most peculiar-looking pigs in the world is the Babirusa of Celebes and nearby islands. The males have long upper tusks which are the upper canine teeth.

Image Source

3. The tusks grow vertically through the upper jaw, pierce the skin and continue growing throughout life. The lower canine teeth also grow upward and pass outside the upper jaw.

4. Snakeheads are peculiar fish that resemble snakes, hence the name. They have shiny, razor sharp shark-like teeth. They are among the rarest fish that can breathe air.

Image Source

5. Most bees have stingers. They use these as defensive organs by secreting poison. When they sting animals, they pumped poison but the moment they pull away, the stinger is torn from its body and the bee dies.

Image Source

6. Bumblebees are exemption to the rule. They have barbless stinger and can sting repeatedly. Don’t worry; the sting is painful to humans but not deadly.

7.  The Elephant is a true wonder of nature. As the largest land-dwelling animal, it has the largest ears and drinks large amount of water in a day which is 100 times more than a human.

Image Source

8. The Elephant also has the largest nose in the world. Its nose is actually its trunk. It doesn’t drink water through its trunk but uses it to suck water and spray it on its mouth. In addition, it consumes up to 270 kg of food a day.

9. Africa and Australia has no bear. They became extinct in Africa. They where formerly found in the Atlas Mountains. The Koala Bears of Australia are not true bears, they are “marsupials”.

Image Source

 10. Hippo babies are among the largest in the animal world. A newly born hippo is about 50 kilograms. Baby Hippos are preyed upon by Lions.  

Image Source

11.  Do you know that Hippopotamuses are also known as “River Horses”? They are so-called because they spend much of their time submerged in rivers.

12. Barbary Apes are not true apes but related to the Macaques of Asia. They are the only wild monkeys found in Europe and are among the few species of monkeys that are tailless.

Image Source

13. Do you know that some animals can reduce the speed of a ship? It’s quite amazing but this is true.  Hundreds of Barnacles attach themselves on the hull of a ship which increase friction and can reduce the speed of the vessel.

Image Source

In addition, Barnacles have the largest penis of all creatures on Earth in relation to body size ratio.

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