Conservation Groups
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Conservation Groups

The conservation group has a good place in our community.They would lead a group on tour of areas known to breed such animals or bird life. There are slide nights that are designed to make us all aware of the world we live in and to care for the natural habitat and animals and creatures who live there. The groups communicate with government in an attempt to gain funding to finance their programs along with public charity drives. Leaders in the field can be considered experts and bestow their knowledge for all to share. There would be organised bus tours to several locations and more than that it is a meeting of the minds.

There are quite a number of conservation groups spread out amongst our cities. The groups whom are led by the figureheads have a good place in our society. There is a great appreciation for plant and animal life. We see the care places on creatures, insects and butterflies. The wetlands and waterways where these creatures live. The management of forests to cater for the feed of bears and birdlife. Some of which are rare or in danger of becoming extinct. In some areas of our world people take pleasure in taking a tour of the water and land to repair if possible the damage man and corrosion has created.

The conservation groups are represented throughout many communities. It is thrilling to see a group raising awareness amongst the community. They would go further organising slide nights where the matters can be discussed and children can be brought up inside of the group. It is even more pleasing to see newsletters produced and organised bus tours. This is particularly pleasing ass there is a learned expert in the field to lead the group on the tour with a stop for a lunch break with refreshments. There is something special with the unique lovers of nature where all individuals are involved in precious life from every living angle.

There is quite an appreciation out in the wild of nature where all animal life is free from captivity. Whilst zoos and breeding programs have their place in the world, it is comforting to know we can simply observe and not impede on their privacy. This is so sacred to them and vital to the upbringing of their young. Groups like theses could not really exist without money to fulfil the program’s direction. There are charity drives as well as subscriptions to the group direction. There is also government funding which is made available via application. It was successful this year from details recorded in the most current newsletter. It is encouraging to hear such details as there are a number of creatures in need. The cleaning of the waterways is also vital to the survival of animals and reptiles that had disappeared only to return this year.

There were sightings of Platypus on two occasions in separate places indicating the water had reached a sustainable level. The sighting was snapped and recorded and would indicate that the creature was swimming from the river water mouth into the creek and adopting home amongst the lush plant life. A grant was speculated for a rare butterfly. Wedge tailed Eagles were also seen and photographed as a recording of their presence. The Merri Creek had been under a clean up splurge for years, attempting to re-introduce the flora and fauna. Along the way birds, animals and reptiles were high on the agenda along with creek maintenance work with erecting new bridges for times of flooding.

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Comments (3)

I am all for conservation and the groups when they are honest. Thank you for your wise research.

Thanks for telling me more about conservation groups.

Hi Christy, my pleasure