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Crocodiles are to be respected and also feared.There are warnings of the creature's presence in water-ways through-out the world. In many situations they are a tourist attraction although safety should be heeded here as well. The crocodile is captured for breeding programs in zoos as well as for supply and demand for the hide to produce leather products. The meat is supplied to restaurants as it is a delicacy that is expensive.

Crocodiles are to be respected, as they are huge creatures that are dangerous to man. There are both salt water and fresh water crocodiles. They usually can lay submerged beneath the water line apart from the eyes where we would see them peel back. The crocodile and alligator are similar apart from the snout. In many countries, crocodiles are seen and respected and killed or avoided. Like a shark, they will see dangling legs of a human and latch on to them hoping to drag it down into the water depths. The crocodile is well known for the death roll. This is where it latches on a body and as it takes, it down revolves quickly and after that lodges it down at the bottom, where fallen trees may lie. After the body softens up, they would return to devour and feast on their prey.

In the top end of Australia, in particular the crocodiles are feared, as they are most active. Whilst fishing is good, there are warnings of crocodiles in the area. They are fatal, as not many have escaped these carnivorous creatures. They are part of an interesting study where they are photographed and tagged by conservationist experts. In the wild, some are captured and brought to zoos for captivity programs where we may learn from them.

In other zoos and attraction parks we find crocodiles in either a breeding situation or where the public my feed them like a fishing rod scenario with a juicy piece of meat on the end. People seem to flock to this sensation and are a major tourist attraction. Yet again, crocodiles are always been valued for the hide as it is a good quality leather for luggage, shoes, wallets, purses and handbags just to mention a few. Further to this the meat from the crocodile has become a delicacy and quite expensive as well. There is a breeding program to supply the restaurants with a suitable supply of demand to suit the menus. Of their customer base. Whilst holidaying in Queensland one could see the expanse of the breeding, with thousands of baby crocodiles in separate places.

The crocodile can grow up to five metres long and is very smart as its survival techniques will suggest. A devastating predator who watches prey and is patient prior to attack. The crocodile will watch animals or people whom enter into their own territory much like that of a dog and its backyard territory. Depending on the animal in most cases, they will ferry across the river at different times. Some are quick while others are slower. The crocodile’s disguise is the murky water where the eyes are submerged as well until the body senses a victim. The crocodile will lunge to capture a limb in an attempt to drag it down into the depths of water with him for the feed.

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