Decorah Bald Eagles: Fun Facts About Filming of Decorah Eagles on Live Stream
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Decorah Bald Eagles: Fun Facts About Filming of Decorah Eagles on Live Stream

Fun facts about how the filming of the Decorah Bald Eagles is making a difference in people's lives.

Ever since the Decorah Bald Eagles in Iowa became a fast internet sensation on Ustream live, more fun facts have surfaced about this amazing pair taking care of their three eaglets. The bald eagle parents in Decorah, Iowa have been the result of a wildlife phenomenon for humans. Several reports have expressed fun and interesting developments as people watch the live stream video of Bald Eagles taking care of their young.

Fun Facts Develop as Result of Decorah Bald Eagles Live on Ustream

  • The Decorah Newspapers had a report just released that these majestic creatures have brought attention to wildlife at its best and that the response is "shocking" over the live stream video. Decorah falconer and founder of the Raptor Resource Project, Bob Anderson, revealed some fun facts about the public's response to the Bald Eagles.
  • People from over 72 different countries are viewing the Bald Eagles on Ustream live and many leave it on all daylong to keep up with the parent eagles raising their three young chicks that were all born the first week of April of 2011.
  • Anderson suggested to his web master about four months ago that they keep the live footage of the Bald Eagles up in case people wanted to view it. If no one was interested, they would just turn it off.  Turns out that up to 250 computers are regularly logged into the site at one time as people watch and study the eagles.
  • In the beginning, Bob Anderson's internet DSL service had to "scramble" to keep up with the high viewing demand.
  • Other fun-filled facts about the live streaming of the Bald Eagles is what these famous birds are offering people.  One report indicated that people with illnesses are finding it therapeutic to witness the animals in real-time taking care of their young. It takes their mind off of their own problems and keeps them focused on the beautiful side of nature and the good parts of life.
  • Children in classrooms are learning a lot about the behavior of birds of prey and are taking in a whole new level of appreciation for animals.
  • The most fun fact about the filming of these amazing eagles live is that people feel a part of the whole experience. Enthusiasm ensues when one logs in and watches the Decorah eagles reveal that gentle side of themselves as they tend to the eaglets by feeding, warming, and protecting them. People care about how their daily lives are carried out in the nest and when mom or dad will return to the nest when one has left to hunt for food or stretch their wings.

For facts about the Decorah Bald Eagles, click HERE

The web cam that provides live stream viewing of the Decorah Bald Eagles was installed during the summer of 2010. Viewers can see for a fact that the camera is hardy during harsh weather conditions and gusty winds. To watch the Bald Eagles live, log on to A live chat and social stream is available for interaction among other viewers and to have questions answered by moderators.

For anyone interested in donating to the Raptor Resource Project, you can do so by going to, or mail: Raptor Resource Project, 2729 Locust Rd., Decorah, Iowa.

Sources:   Live Decorah Bald Eagle Stream

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