Five Great Gifts And Stocking Stuffers for Wild Bird Lovers and Nature Enthusiasts
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Five Great Gifts And Stocking Stuffers for Wild Bird Lovers and Nature Enthusiasts

5 great stocking stuffers and gifts for bird lovers.

Five Neat Holiday Stocking Stuffers and Gifts For Backyard Bird Enthusiasts

Any of these 5 recommendations will delight the birdwatcher in your family. The hobby of attracting and feeding wild birds has grown to incredible proportions. Millions of people are dong it because it is an inexpensive, fun way to get close to the wonders of nature. Anyone can watch and enjoy the wild birds from the comfort of home.

   Droll Yankees Bottoms Up Feeder        BOTTOM'S UP Thistle Feeder from Droll Yankees

Your backyard birdfeeding family member or friend will love a Droll Yankees' “Bottom's Up” Finch Feeder. A very unusual and fun feeder, this unique extra long feeder holds a large amount of nyjer (thistle) seed that Goldfinches Love. Available in 16". 23" and a collosal 36" version, the  “Bottoms Up” feeder from Droll Yankees is designed so that the goldfinches can reach the seed openings by hanging upside down from the perches. Only goldfinches and an occasional chickadee can accomplish this feat. It's great fun to watch up to two dozen finches occupy the perches. Other birds must find your other feeders. The whole family will enjoy watching the gorgeous goldfinches flock to the feeder.

Peterson Field Guide.    Peterson "Eastern Birds"

This is the finest and most widely accepted and used field guide in uise. The illustrations are detailed to show the special points of identification that make if ing the birds much easier. It shows color ranges, nesting seasons and much more. This guide is the standard for dedicated birders as well as backyard bird watchers. $10-24

Binoculars.                             Binoculars

Get up and close and capture the nuances and behavior of the feathered visitors to your yard. You don't have to spend a fortune. Good binoculars, suitable for backyard enthusiasts can be purchased for under $50. Serious birders can and do spend into the hundreds of dollars. We'll leave the price range to you.

Blue Bird Nesting Box. 

                                                 Stovall Bluebird Box

The bluebirds are coming, the bluebirds are coming. A well thought out gift that can be put out in early spring to attract the eastern bluebird to your back lot. Catch the blue wav. You can find blue bird nesting boxes for $29 or less.

Bird Bath De-icer.     

   Birds need water just like us. Put out a heated birdbath like this model from API de-icers and birds will have access to water all through the cold freezing weather of winter. If you you own a birdbath, you can purchase a heater that drops right in to your existing bath. Either way it's a win win for everyone. Birds get use and function, you get pleasure watching them splish splash in the dead of winter. Under $50. Shown here is the API

There is still time to capture some of these terrific stocking stuffers before they fly the coop. You can find these great nature gifts and stocking stuffers online or at your favorite Backyard Bird Shop. See my previous article

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