Gustave, a Living Legend of a Crocodile
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Gustave, a Living Legend of a Crocodile

Gustave is giant Nile crocodile that lives in the area of Burundi. He is estimated to be 65 years old, which is 20 years older then average life span of a Nile crocodile.

Gustave is giant Nile crocodile that lives in the area of Burundi. He is estimated to be 65 years old, which is 20 years older then average life span of a Nile crocodile. This monster weighs around a ton and is over 30 feet in length, making him the biggest crocodile in Africa.

Gustave is a confirmed aggressive man-eater. It is said he has killed over 300 people along the banks of the Ruzizi River and in the northern area of Lake Tanganyika. Though his death toll count may be over-exaggerated, he surely has made dinner out of far more humans than the average crocodile. Gustave is much heavier than the average crocodile and can therefore not easily hunt many of the smaller prey the other crocs can. He instead hunts larger animals, like zebra, wildebeest, and humans and has even been seen killing and eating a hippo.

Like any man-eater, humans have tried to hunt down and kill Gustave. However, all attempts to stop him have completely failed. The giant crocodile does carry three bullets scars on his right side and one on his face but these were not enough to stop such a formidable creature. It will take more than a few bullets to stop Gustave.

Gustave received his name from a French environmentalist, Patrice Faye, who has been studying the beast since 1998. In 2002, he led a documentary team in an attempt to capture the giant crocodile. The team tried to lure Gustave into an enormous cage. However, Gustave proved to be far too smart to fall for their tricks and not only avoided the trap with ease, taunted the team besides.

While Gustave is not the biggest crocodile in the world, he is the biggest Nile crocodile. He is longer than the average Nile croc by at least 10-15 feet and outweighs than by a considerable amount. Gustave is larger than many of the salt-water crocs. Many feel that he is possessed with above average intelligence for a crocodile. This is probably more due to his age than anything else.

The people of Burundi fear Gustave. They tell tales of him and he has become a legend of the area. The Burundi government have plans to capture Gustave and use him as a tourist attraction. However, many feel that Gustave should be allowed to be free and should not be captured nor killed. He is an extraordinary crocodile and could be key in repopulating his species. After years of unrestrained crocodile hunting, the Nile crocodiles have declined in both quality and quantity. Gustave is a formidable bull croc who has and will continue to father strong offspring as long as he is alive and free.

Gustave has won the respect of many scientists and environmentalists throughout the world. He is the epitome of primal strength and power. A God of his kind. In 2007, a movie was released about him called “Primeval”, though the movie was of course extremely exaggerated, it did show the ferocity of him well. Gustave is still alive today and will hopefully live for many more years. When the time comes that he does pass on he will leave behind an awesome legend and hopefully an heir to his throne of bones.

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Comments (6)

amazing stories!

Good article. Not sure if I'd like to meet Gustave at close quarters though.

Ranked #35 in Wildlife & Nature

Very interesting and informative article. Thanks for sharing. Write more!

very neat!


he is my role model or rode animal model!!!!!!!!!


no one better not kill him!!! or i be p...ed and kill the person that killed him