July's Butterflies: What They Mean Symbolically for You
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July's Butterflies: What They Mean Symbolically for You

Our lives this July mimic the Way of the butterfly

Who doesn't love butterflies? Not only are they nature's fluttering art displays, in different cultures they are symbols of rebirth, regeneration, transition and  love. In Native American legend, butterflies also represent grace and the ability to accept change. Some of us believe when we see a butterfly go by (and especially if it hovers around us), we are receiving a cosmic message.

Just like many animals and insects, different butterflies appear at different times of the year. Here are  some of July's butterflies to watch out for - likely to be seen if you are going camping in the woods or hiking this Summer.  If you are lucky enough to spot  butterflies of any variety, you may count on some good luck and good fortune coming your way. Here are some butterflies most commonly found in July.

 - The Buckeye. most abundant in the South, this butterfly is highly prized if viewed up North (rarely). One of the more familiar butterflies, the Buckeye was featured on a $.24 U.S. postage stamp in 2006.

  -The Pearly Eye. One of the rarest of American butterflies, it is found only in the glades of woods, found east of the wesyern limits of the Mississippi Valley and south of Canada, except for lower Florida. This butterfly is a rapid flyer, often hugging the ground and skipping over forested swamps and wooded stream banks. Now you see it, now you don't.

   -The Viceroy. Found all over the U.S.,it flies freely from June through Autumn, in meadows, fields and glades. This is an iconic orange and black patterned butterfly, which likes to flutter in the late morning or very early afternoons. Beautiful to look at, and a peak moment if it flutters about you.

   - The Wood-Nymph. All parts of the U.S. These butterflies emerge during July and August and are usually found along streams and near wooden broders, pastures and meadows. They are smaller butterflies that come in several shades of brown. If you are hiking or camping this month, you are likely to see them soaring nearby.

A Psychic Reading on Butterflies:  In July and the rest of this summer, as most of us continue on our path of renewal, rebirth and transformation, butterflies are an apt symbol in our lives.  The spiralling downward economy has thrust many of us into new roles and new rules regarding how we are living now and how we will live in the future. This month, the butterfly rests in its cocoon and then bursts forth to fly freely amid the flowers and the trees.  Many of us mimic the way of the butterfly:  some of us remain in cocoon "resting" mode; others of us grow impatient to get on with our lives.  Still, many of us are already winging our way freely towards a new future. For those bemoaning how much life has changed,  please remember the past is the past. And change, though difficult, is necessary. This is an unusual time, as we are all moving forward together in some form of transition.  If you find yourself facing many difficult challenges this month,  It is well good to remain optimistic, even so.  As in all things Nature provides, timing is everything, and your time to prosper will come. Even if we can't see them, Nature shows us patterns in the births of animals and insects.  July is a time of metamorphosis for us and the summer butterfly.  While we go through our own different, indvidual transformations, we best keep an open mind in order to catch the creative ideas and opportunities fluttering towards us now. This is truly a time for creative endeavors to burst forth.

With thanks to: Nature's Program, Gaylord Johnson, 1926 and various sites on the internet.

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Comments (6)

TY, CD. May a butterfly wander past you soon!

Beautiful article SY. I love butterflies, for some reason they like me too. I can't even tell you the number of times, while outside one of them has lit on me, mostly a top my head, shoulder and even my hand. After realizing that they like me, there have even been times that I've placed my finger down on a leave and have one crawl upon my finger and stayed until I made it leave, since I had to get back to work or something. Butterflies are Grand! Here in the woods they are constant creatures when they are out and about. I love all sorts of animal and such, however I do think the butterfly is one of the most majestic of all! Thanks for sharing this with us!

Well, Sara - your story tells me you have a definite cosmic connection with these symbols of transformation; lucky you! Along the lines of your expertise, I have some lovely butterfly jewelry and also some vintage butterfly books. While I do not seem to attract these graceful messengers as you do, I enjoy them vicariously by wearing butterfly jewelry and by leafing through the gorgeous illustrated books. Happy days!

Awesome! I love vintage anything beautiful! Jewelry is wonderful to own, however I have to say that in comparison a good book can outshine any jewelry type. I have several vintage books from different authors, found mostly while shopping yard sales and local thrift stores and just been floored that someone even got rid of them. .25 - $1.for a book that will bring even a high amount if sold, yet I can't bear the thought of getting rid of them. I hope they will be treasured by children in the future. Any vintage jewelry I own has been passed down to me from a great-grandmother.

then, there are the vintage jewelry books - especially how to craft jewelry - my favorites are from the 1950s! The oldest butterfly pin I have is filigreed - perhaps there's an article in that; I've always wanted to know more about the process. cheerio

And I forgot to mention the beautifully illustrated antique butterfly books I have in my bookcase! Ah - butterflies!