King of the Jungle
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King of the Jungle

Lions on a quiet day can be heard for miles warning people not to come close.

Lion cubs are very small when they are born in the wild and behind protected fences at a zoo.  Mother  must take very good care of their youngs and that means giving them a bath each day with their long, rough tongue.   The baby lions look like cute, cuddly baby kittens ,but believe me mother and father lion are not far off.   

A   Father Lion's roar can be heard for miles on a quiet day ,but the little baby lions roar wouldn't  sound for quite awhile.

The cat family consists of lions, tigers, lynx, and cheetahs.   They all differ in their own way.   Lions can roar to attract attention and to  warn people off.  Tigers,  lions, and lynx can pull their claws into little pockets in their toes.    The little pockets can help keep the claws out of the way.

There are seven different kinds of lions and six of those live in the grasslands of  Africia.   The other small group lives on a specially protected reseve in India.    Lions live in groups called "prides" and each pride has its own territory.   The male lions guards the pride's territory by patroling the boundaries and leaving their scent on trees and ground with urine.   Male lions can weigh up to four hundred pounds with the female lions smaller.

In a pride, there may be as many as thirty lions:  one to six males and four to twelve females.   The females look after each other's cubs and hunt together.   The females of the pride are usually relationed : mothers, sisters, nieces, daughters, or aunts.

When a male cub grows up, they usually leave to start their own pride since there is only a few male lions in a pride.

When a male lion choose a female lion to have his cubs, they go off somewhere by themselves for a few days.  The male lion will kill an small animal and present it to the female.   He will try to impress the female in many ways such as chasing off any other male that gets to close.

A full grown lion loves to lie in the sun dozing.   Lions love to cat nap and they spend up to twenty one hours a day doing just that.  Lions don't always like to sleep on the ground.  In fact,  a lion loves to sprawl on a tree branch with it's head and legs dangling down.

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