List of Bats in Palawan
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List of Bats in Palawan

List of bats found in Palawan, the last frontier of the Philippines.

Bats can be found all over Palawan Island, the Philippines' Last Frontier. As they are nocturnal animals, they roost in the dark areas of caves, overhanging rocks, crevices, dipterocarp forests, coconut palms, mangroves, and even abandoned houses during the day. At night, they actively hunt for food which include mainly of insects and fruits.  

Among those bats which are known to occur in Palawan are the following:

1. Cynopterus brachyotis luzoniensis. This bat is commonly known as the short-nosed fruit bat or dog-faced fruit bat. The local folks call it kabag, kwaknit, kulapnit, or kurarapnit.

bat pictures

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2. Eunycteris spelea glandifera. This bat is commonly known as the dawn bat. Local folks call it kwaknit or kulaknit.

bat pictures

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3. Emballunura alecto alecto. This bat is commonly called the sheath-tailed bat. Local folks call it similarly with the other bats, i.e., kwaknit or kulaknit.

bat pictures

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4. Pipistrellus imbricatus. This bat is commonly known as the Pipistrelle bat. Local folks call it kabag, kabiao, kalabiao, or kabilao.

bat pictures

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5. Cheiromeles torquatus. This bat is commonly known as the Philippine naked or hairless bat, or the naked bulldog bat. Local folks call it paniki, kwaknit, kolaknit, kalabirong, or kalumbirung.

bat picture

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6. Acerodon leucotis. This bat is known as the Palawan Flying Fox or the Palawan fruit bat. Local folks likewise call them paniki, kulapnit, kwaknit or kabog. 

bat picture

Image Source

7. Rousettus amplexicaudatus. This bat is commonly known as the Geoffroy's Rousette Bat. Locals call it different names such as kabag, kabog, kulong kulong, kwaknit and kulaknit.

bat pictures

Image Source

8. Pteropus vampyrus lanensis. This bat is commonly called the Philippine Flying Fox or the Philippine Giant Fruit Bat. Local folks call it paniki or kabog, among other names.

bat pictures

Image Source

9. Macroglossus minimus. This bat is commonly known as the Dagger-toothed Long-nosed Fruit Bat, Lesser Long-tongued Fruit Bat, or Lesser Long-tongued Fruit Bat. Local folks call it kulalapnit or kuyayapnit.

bat pictures

Image Source

10. Scotophilus kuhlii. This bat is commonly called as the Yellow-Brown Bat. It is also known by other scientific names such as Scotophilus fulvus, Scotophilus kuhlii, Scotophilus temmincki, and Scotophilus wroughtoni. Local folks call it kabag, kabiao, and kalabiao.

 bat pictures

Image Source

11. Miniopterus schreibersii eschscholtzii. This bat is commonly called the Bent-Winged Bat. Local folks call it kabag, kabog, and kabiao.

bat pictures

Image Source

Twenty-five other species were identified by Esselstyn et al. (2004). These are listed below:

1. Glischropus tylopus

2. Hipposideros diadema

3. Hipposideros ater

4. Kerivoula hardwickii

5. Kerivoula pellucida

6. Kerivoula whiteheadi

7. Pipistrellus javanicus

8. Rhinolophus arcuatus

9. Rhinolophus acuminatus

10. Rhinolophus cf. borneensis

11. Rhinolophus creaghi

12. Rhinolophus virgo

13. Rhinolophus macrotis

14. Miniopterus australis

15. Miniopterus tristis

16. Mops sarasinorum

17. Murina cf. tubinaris

18. Megaderma spasma

19. Myotis hors?eldii

20. Myotis macrotarsus

21. Myotis rufopictus

22. Tylonycteris pachypus

23. Tylonycteris robustula

24. Taphozous melanopogon

25. Tylonycteris pachypus

There are, therefore, 36 species identified and confirmed to exist in Palawan so far but there are suggestions there could be more extant species that could not be sampled due to their foraging, roosting or flying habits. It is also possible that misidentification of some of these species were made. Further studies are required to confirm all these findings and proposition on the existence of some species.

Nine of these species are known to occur in the world-renowned Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park.


Esselstyn, J. A., Widmann, P., and L. R. Heaney, 2004. The mammals of Palawan Island, Philippines. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington117(3):271–302. 2004.

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© 11 March 2011 Patrick A. Regoniel List of Bats in Palawan

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Very interesting info. Bats are fascinating creatures!