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“We don’t want to capture it. We don’t want to shoot it. The ultimate find, as far as we’re concerned, would be to do something like what Jane Goodall did,

“There were giants on the earth in those days”. (Genesis 6:4)

Sightings of this large creature go back as far as the early 1800’s. They have been made in the remote wilderness areas of United States and Canada, specifically the Pacific Northwest, southwestern Canada, the Great lakes, the Rocky Mountains, and the forest of the U.S. Northeastern states and U.S. Southern states. It is also agreed that the same creature may be found around the world and known by different regional names such as the Himalayan Yetti, Australian Yowie and the Chinese Yerin. Sightings have also occurred in Hawaii, South America, Russia, Malaysia and China.  

From the word “sesquac” which means “wild man” in a salish Native American language “sasquatch” is an anglicized derivative of the word.

Bigfoot aka Sasquatch is reported usually as being a hairy ape-like creature standing 6-10 feet tall and weighing about 500 pounds. Enormous foot prints of up to 24 inches in length and 8 inches wide have been found. This being how Bigfoot got his nickname. Eating tree liken, berries and fish.

Could a population of Sasquatch find the resources to sustain itself in the same area as bears? It would probably take thousands to do so. But still some of the reports are such that even scientists are scratching their heads. Some evidence such as hair or scat defies any likely hood of it being any known animal of the area.

Within the scientific community Sasquatch is believed to be either myth, hoax or some kind of misidentification. The fossil remains of an ancient giant ape called Gigantopithecus could turn out to be the ancestor of today’s Bigfoot or Sasquatch.

Reports could be merely of the Black bear.

Is the Sasquatch a member of North America’s family of large mammals? Some believe that Bigfoot is the missing link between an ape and human.

The existence of Sasquatch is taken for granted in Native North America. The Hopi Indians believe he is a messenger delivered from the Creator. An Athapaskan Indian, Ralph Grey Wolf, from Alaska feels that Sasquatch makes appearances at troubled times giving signs or messages that there is a need to cleanse, a time for change. Some native elders believe that Sasquatch stands on the border between animal and human consciousness.

A Colorado conservationist named Tom Miller supposedly found evidence of five individual ‘non sapiens’ and one baby in 2009. He is said to have photos and moving videos and other evidence of the Big Foot or Sasquatch.

Peter Byrne, head of the Oregon based Bigfoot Research Project would like to locate one and do as Jane Goodall did and try to communicate with it and see if it would lead them to others.

He believes the creatures are nocturnal and when seen in the daytime it is because of some disturbance.

“We don’t want to capture it. We don’t want to shoot it. The ultimate find, as far as we’re concerned, would be to do something like what Jane Goodall did, in other words, to find one, see if we can communicate, have it lead us to others, and then bring in the right people. Totally responsible people. Bring in scientists, and show them what we’ve found and document the whole thing, of course.”

So the ongoing question is: What is this creature? Black bear? Missing Link? Or….?

A site where you can both report credible sightings and see how many sightings there have been in any given state or province is:


Additional resources:

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