Strange Animal Behavioral Traits
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Strange Animal Behavioral Traits

Animals on the African savanna showing new forms of animal behavior

Taking videos and then uploading them unto You Tube has never been easier. When it comes to animal life on the savanna or the African plains.Through You Tube we are seeing new forms of animal behavior never before observed.

Species are interrelating in ways that were never imaginable. There is the gnu with a broken leg that had attracted the attention of a baby hippo. Both animals are dead now. The hippo was regarded as a threat to the gnu that had later succumbed because of her disability but in the meantime the hippo was filmed as having remained there even after the antelopes death. Was the baby hippo looking for a surrogate mother? The hippo was probably abandoned by its parent because of illness. No one knows for sure.

A pair of Rhino are attracted to a water buffalo that was been haranged by hyenas looking for a meal. Once they apprached and stayed their ground, the hyenas easied off on their prey. What was their motive? How can one explain this interspecie behavipr better?The Rhinos had no interest in the event other than apparently defending the poor buffalo.

We see animals with broken legs or abandoned that could probably be cured if they were domestic but because they are in the wild this is not going to happen. In some cases if there would only be a wild game veterinarian that could help cure some of the maladies that would be lovely to see but it is not going to happen because of the nature of the work and probably the cost involved.

In one case a baboon confronted a lioness but it was a mismanaged affair. Had it realized that her pride was not far behind, it might have backed off and fled up a tree. Instead the approaching females killed it. What was the point in all this? There was no question of a baboon adult protecting any of its young. There were none around at the time of the incident. So that did not motivate the confrontation unless of course the video was taken away from the baboon’s troop and this one in particular went after the menace.

There have been more and more videos showing that the supremacy of the lion and the lioness is under constant challenge. A warthog tusk is found next to a dead lioness suggesting that she dies of the wound it inflicted on the jugular of the beast. There was a bloodied would on the neck of the lioness. The warthog had done its damage and normally would have been killed by being strangled or bitten at the throat.

Then there are other video clips showing lionesses recoil from confrontation. One that had captured mongoose, broken its leg in the confrontation and then when faced with the open jaws of the much smaller mammal the lioness gave up and wandered away. In another case a peccary continually charged a lioness while the feline offered no resistance and showed no aggressively. There are other forms of aberrant behavior in the wild but it has become more accessible through uploaded videos on You Tube.Soon enough these strange traits may soon becoime common place.

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