What Animals Have Killed the Most People?
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What Animals Have Killed the Most People?

What animals are the most deadly to humans? What are the most dangerous animals? What animals kill the most people. How many people do sharks kill in a year? How many people do crocodiles kill? What are the world's most deadliest animals? Other than people, what animal kills the most humans?

Often times when lists are made of the world's deadliest animals they are topped with the mosquito.  To be fair mosquitoes never really killed anyone, it is the diseases they spread that are the killers.

To decide which animals are the most dangerous we run into several problems in that some animals may be very toxic, but people rarely encounter them, while others are dangerous only because humans intentionally put themselves in harms way. So, let us examine the real deadly animals, those who actually are the most dangerous to humans in the world, and how many people they kill in an average year.

Asian Cobra

These snakes have kill more than any other snake; well over 15,000 people per year. Other snakes are more venomous but these snakes kill more people simply because they encounter people more often.

Black Mamba

Black Mamba snakes are highly feared, they reportedly kill several thousand people per year. It is the inside of this snake's mouth that is black, not the snake itself.

African Elephant

The African Elephant is not as “docile” as the Asian elephant, and they have killed an average of 500 people a year, often by trampling.

Box Jelly Fish

These are also known as Sea Wasps and are very toxic, they live in the waters around Australia and the Philippines, where they are practically invisible. Their very long tentacles have enough poison to kill 15 people. On average 400 people a year are killed after encountering Box Jelly Fish.

Cape Buffalo

This is one of the big five game animals in Africa. Part of the thrill is that these animals have been known to turn on hunters and kill them, often by goring the hunter their horns. They are herd animals and are very alert and protective. They kill an average of 300 people per year, mostly hunters.


These large herbivore animals look peaceful but are quite dangerous when threatened., they have even been know to attack when not threatened. They use their jaws and size to kill and have killed an average of 125 people per year.

Nile Crocodile

The Nile Crocodile lives throughout much of Africa, not just in the Nile river area. They probably kill over 100 people a year, however most incidents never reach the media as they occur in remote areas.


Lions live in Africa, they are only slightly smaller than tigers. Lions kill an average of 100 people per year. As a predator animal they are likely to kill for food.

Salt Water Crocodile

Salt Water Crocodiles live in northern Australia and South East Asia. On occasion they come into coastal rivers. They are very large, and very deadly, however they probably kill fewer than 5 people per year.


Although there are many species of shark it is sometimes difficult to know which was responsible for a human fatality. For all the fear generated in regards to sharks, they kill fewer than 5 people per year.

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Comments (5)

Great information about this topic. it's frightening to think about the dangerious ones, but, this information is necessary for all people to remember. Voted up!

Very informative and well researched. Most of them attack when people enter their natural habitat, so it is similar to people killing a mosquito or a cockroach that enters in their house. The amount of these animals killed by humans through unsustainable development and hunting is rarely reported in the news though. Keep up the great work, voted up.

Hummm . . . . "Dangerous" is such a subjective term that I'm not even sure how it applies here.

An excellent consideration of human fatality statistics by reference to animals, Brenda. It would also be alarming to note how many fatalities had been incurred by humans to their own kind and I'm quite sure it's far more alarming than these figures.

Nice article. I knew about a lot of these, but not to the extent that they kill humans each year. Yeah, hippos surprise a lot of people in how aggressive they are.