World's Coolest-Looking Orange-Colored Creatures
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World's Coolest-Looking Orange-Colored Creatures

Orange is not my favorite color but I find orange-colored creatures and other organism very attractive and lovely. Orange color is the combination of red and yellow. Here are some of the brightest and prettiest orange-colored animals in the world.

How many orange-colored animals can you name?

Orange is not my favorite color but I find orange-colored creatures and other organism very attractive and lovely. Orange color is the combination of red and yellow. Here are some of the brightest and prettiest orange-colored animals in the world.

Aquatic animals in orange

Garibaldi Damselfish (Hypsypops rubicundus)

Image Source

The brightly colored Garibaldi Damselfish, or simply Garibaldi, is a brightly colored fish that is endemic to the Pacific Ocean specifically from Monterey Bay to Guadalupe Island in Baja California. Garibaldi is the official marine state fish of California, USA.

Emperor Shrimp (Periclimenes imperator)

Image Source

The Emperor Shrimp or Periclimenes imperator is a shrimp species with orange coloration with some violet colorings on its claws and feet. This shrimp is widely distributed in the Pacific and Indian oceans.

Halgerda batangas

Image Source

Although the Halgerda batangas is not purely orange in color it does look lovely with its unique orange markings. This sea slug species can be found in tropical waters of the Pacific Ocean from the Philippines to nearby areas such as Indonesia, Taiwan and others.

Orange Oranda

Image Source

As it names implies, the Orange Oranda is a fancy orange-colored goldfish which is notable for its raspberry-like hood encasing on its head. This peculiar hood or headgrowth encases the whole head of the Oranda except for the eyes and mouth

Balmain Bug (Ibacus peronii)

Image Source

This creature is edible and is usually sold in Sydney, Australia. It is called the Balmain Bug, a type of slipper lobster that can be found at depths of 20 to 500 meters off the coast of Australia. Its common name is taken from the name of place called Balmain in New South Wales.

Charismatic Cowry (Ipsa childreni)

Image Source

The lovely and glossy porcelain like-shells of cowries are collected worldwide. Cowries are marine gastropods that belong to the Cypraeidae. This beautiful cowry is called Charismatic Cowry for its adorable and pretty appearance.

Orange Starfish

Image Source

There are scores of species of starfish or sea stars. The orange-colored species of sea star on the above photo is an unknown Starfish found in Lazy Lagoon near Bagamoyo in Tanzania.

A semi-aquatic orange frog

Pacman Frog (Ceratophrys ornata)

Image Source

This leaping creature is called Pacman Frog, an albino of the species known as Argentine Horned Frog. It inhabits the forests of Argentina, hence the common name. It can be found also in Brazil and Uruguay. It’s a very voracious eater swallowing anything that moves in front it.

Airborne orange creatures

Canario paxaro

Image Source

The Canario paxaro is a species of bird that belongs to the genus Serinus, a large genus of birds in the finch family Fringillidae. This bird is simply beautiful and attractive due to its bright orange coloration.

Canary (Serinus canaria)

Image Source

The Canary is a lovely-looking small passerine bird that is endemic to the Canary Islands. It can be found also in the islands of Azores and Madeira. Canaries in the wild are mostly yellow-green, with brownish streaking on the back. This bird is common in captivity and a number of color varieties have been bred.

Domesticated Serinus

Image Source

Canary is regarded as the natural symbol of the Canary Islands. It is also called Common Canary, the Island Canary or Atlantic Canary.

Andean Cock-of-the-Rock (Rupicola peruviana)

Image Source

Although only the upper body of the Andean Cock-of-the-Rock is orange in color, it is definitely cute and lovely. This species of passerine bird is native to South America and is widely considered as Peru’s national bird.

Common Leopard (Phalanta phalanta)

Image Source

The Common Leopard, a medium-sized butterfly, is a sun-loving butterfly tand avoids shade. The underside of this colorful insect is more colorful and glossier than the upper. Both male and female species are brightly colored. It can be found in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southern Asia.

Orange Insect

Image Source

Land-based orange animals

Orange Cat

Image Source

I love cats. As a matter of fact I have 3 cats: the 2 are orange in color. Well, whatever the breed of this orange cat, it is definitely cute and lovable.

Red Squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris)

Image Source

It is called the Red Squirrel but it appears orange in color. This omnivorous rodent is also commonly called Eurasian Red Squirrel because it is very common in Eurasia. Their population is decreasing rapidly in UK and Ireland due to the introduction of the Eastern Grey Squirrel from North America.

Green Iguana (Iguana iguana)

Image Source

Although its common name is Green Iguana, everybody knows that this lizard has the ability to change color depending on the situation. This lizard species, which is endemic to Central and South America, can grow up to more than 2 m long and can weigh as much as 9 kg or more.

Giant Orange Leech (Americobdella valdiviana)

Image Source

The Giant Orange Leech is a carnivorous leech of the genus Americobdella. It is endemic Chile and feed primarily on earthworms. It can grow up to 30 cm in length. This predator has no eyes and has only rudimentary jaws and swallows its prey in whole.

Red Slug (Arion rufus)

Image Source

The Red Slug, which is usually red or brown, can also be orange, greenish-brown, black or yellow. This species of land slug which is also known as the Chocolate Arion or the European Red Slug is characterized by its lack of a keel.

Image Source

This slug can grow up to 18 cm in length.

Hope you enjoyed this. Thank you!

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That was a whole lot of orange, kabayan. Don't tell me you're drinking Royal Tru Orange while writing this.

Really cool orange entities here Nobert. Great write again.

Wow, this was awesome love the bird photos!